Alongside our congregations which meet for worship, small groups are foundational to our church life. They form small communities marked by honesty, accountability, caring and purposeful relationships. They are the key place for pastoral care to be offered and experienced.

Everyone in the church is encouraged to be part of an appropriate small group.  Some people belong to a prayer triplet, or to a mixed group meeting for bible study and prayer, and others are part of a more task orientated team.

Loving, learning, deciding, and doing together.

All of our small groups and teams have the same purpose; they simply vary the proportion of time spent on each activity in line with the task or needs. Everyone has the opportunity to play a part in the group and to use their gifts and abilities for the good of others.

Our small groups are always open to new people and are at the heart of the church’s growth.

Most small groups meet on Tuesdays or Wednesdays, but are free to meet when it is best for their members.

A group for seniors meets on Thursdays and a Bible study group meets on Mondays.

We also have a group for young people aged 18-25.

Contact the church office for more information.

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