Spiritual Gifts and Graces (6) – Discovering our Spiritual Passion

1. There Must be a Better Way

We will not motivate people by guilt but by helping them discover their spiritual passion, discover their spiritual gifts and discover you they are.


2. Discovering our Passion is like doing a Jigsaw, we don’t need more pieces, we just need to sort them out and put them together.

3. Passion is God-given

Ex 20:1-17, Matt 22.36-40, Rms 12.1, Eph 4.11-12, 1 Peter 4

4. Passion is God’s Choice

Ps 37:3-5, Gal 1:15-16


5.Passion tells us “WHERE” we serve


Cell outline

There is a worksheet prepared for this week called Spiritual Gifts (Passion).  Don’t be surprised if you put down unexpected things.  God places on our hearts a great diversity of passions which in time widen our expectations of what he can do amongst us.


1. Complete the worksheet either before your cell meeting or at it.


2. Share what you have put down – and then using the Spiritual Gifts (Passion Help) sheet look for ways that a passion can be expressed.  This is best done in a group or triplets, so that others can help with “dreaming dreams”.


3. Try to move from a simple passion e.g. “children”, through to the ways that children can be ministered to, e.g. “directly working with young children, supporting, single parent families, helping challenging children, …. “, the list can be endless.  Help one another to write down all the things which come to mind.


4. In discussion and prayer, encourage one another to sense which of the many possible areas resonates with their spirit and the Holy Spirit!


Going deeper

1. In what ways can we impose our passion on others? What can we do to avoid doing so?


2. How can you avoid the temptation to be motivated by being made to feel guilty that something is not being done?


3. “Dependent – Independent – Interdependent”. This is the journey of life. Where are you on the same journey of relationships at GBC.

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